I invented #liveleaftattoo technique in 2015 since then I’ve experimented a lot with it. Applying this technique I have rejected the common tattoo-process. I have chosen another path - using live flowers and plants or a herbarium instead of sketches. This means I literally replicate a live flower on the skin with the tattoo machine. Depending on the request I select/search/slip off plants myself, the clients could also bring the flowers which they find to be significant.

To realize what flower you’d like to get tattooed is in some measure a transcendental and psychological process, that’s an inner journey. When we have determined with a plant, the next step comes and it is finding a perfect place on a body. To allow natural plant’s shape authenticity to highlight the human’s body curve, complement it. Then, using my unique technology, I apply inked imprints of the plant to the skin and get general, though detailed outlines, shapes, and shades on the skin. It allows me to work without sketches and drawings, and draw from nature (kind of making a real portrait of the plant just right on the skin) based on the first impression. Having fresh plants next to me, with my tattoo gun and needles I repeat as much realistic as possible a plant that I can behold just immediately in front of me. So, I neither take images on the Internet nor prepare sketches beforehand, I’m just drawing the way it is, drawing from nature.

A tattoo is an irreplicable act. So as a tattoo made with the imprints eliminates the possibility to be replicated. I always give the preference to explore nature through my tattoos, not to repeat. Every human is unique and every plant is unique, never the same. I'm happy to combine nature and the human body together. For me, it’s even more important to repeat a sensation and feeling of the plant than to make a  lean botanical drawing. All the flowers possess their uniqueness and are perfection, indeed, hence I feel no wish to add anything mine. My values, my essential goals are to show a contemporary way of talking with nature. Nature is still the same, however, there is a possibility to talk about it in a new way.